How to Avoid Mistakes with Medicare

We have put together the mistakes we see when working with couples and individuals on their Medicare Supplements.

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    The above form will instantly get you our coveted 7 Costly Medicare Mistakes guide. It was originally written by the original founder of our core agency, Bobby Brock. Bobby is a Certified Senior Advisor and an LUTCF with over 30 years’ experience in the Medicare and insurance industry.

    Do not wait to request this invaluable piece of literature. After you receive an email from us you can reply and request this in video and audio format. We put that together because we know different people learn in different ways. With a topic a tedious as Medicare we figured those we seek to educate will need all of the help they can get learning the Parts and Plans of Medicare.

    As far as resources go, we also have a massively helpful book written by Bobby’s son, Justin Brock, who grew up in the Medicare arena. After serving 8 years in the Marine Corps, Justin came back to join the family business and has now helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries.

    His book is called “Medicare Breakdown: The Alphabet Soup of Medicare” and it is available on Amazon.

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